Welcome to Wauwatiki Bar & Grill


Here at Wauwatiki our cocktails are hand crafted with three main ingredients in every drink. Carefully selected spirits, fresh citrus, and homemade syrups go into each cocktail. You’ll find that no artificial sweeteners are included in our recipes. It’s just not how tiki was designed. The fourth component is the style of ice and how it is actually functional in tiki drinks. With 2-4 ounces of booze in all of our featured cocktails (and even more in our shared bowls) pellet ice helps open up the flavors of our ingredients and tame the strength of the alcohol.

We will always do our best to find what cocktails suit your
needs and work hard to provide quality service. After all, our guests at Wauwatiki should always feel like they’re on “island time.”

All food is gluten free.






6502 W North Ave
Wauwatosa, WI 53213


Closed Mondays

Tues-Thurs: 4:30PM-10PM (bar open late)
Fri-Sat: 4:30PM-11PM (bar open late)
Sun:10AM-9PM (bar open late)